Nor-Son & Eskuche Associates Merge

Last week at its 35th Anniversary All-Company Meeting, Nor-Son, Inc. announced a merger with Eskuche Associates.

Together, the two organizations are combining to become one of the nation's most distinctive integrated design-build teams for custom luxury homes.

“The timing of this is ideal for our customers and our company. This comes at a time when we’re expanding our Nor-Son Wayzata office in the landmark clock tower at Sunsets,” states Scott Kuehl, President and CEO of Nor-Son. “In addition, we are celebrating our 35th anniversary, and revitalizing our logo, so there is lots of positive transformation happening at Nor-Son. This merger shows our commitment to expanding our design-build philosophy and footprint for luxury homes, as well as our offering for integrated consulting, design and construction in the Twin Cities.”

The Eskuche Associates company name will now become the Nor-Son brand name of Eskuche Design. Eskuche Design will continue to work as a design studio that operates and markets separately while under the parent company of Nor-Son. Together, Nor-Son and Eskuche Design will offer integrated consulting, design and construction services.

The combination of Eskuche and Nor-Son now provides the luxury home marketplace in the Twin Cities a seldom seen holistic integration of architecture, building science, cost intelligence and craftsmanship—all under one organizational roof.

“The west metro lakes area is a natural fit for the expansion of Nor-Son,” stated Eskuche, “We are excited to join forces with the Nor-Son brand of distinctive design combined with exceptional building science and craftsmanship.”

"I’m excited about the creativity, craftsmanship and convenience that we will be able to offer our clients,” said Kuehl.

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