Bang Printing

Nor-Son Role: Design/Build
Architect: Nor-Son, Inc.
Services Provided: Design, Construction

Green principles make this large space energy efficient. Bang Printing came to Nor-Son to construct a hard-working fulfillment center with a difference. They wanted to maximize its energy efficiency according to the best practices of green building. This would help them reduce energy costs and qualify for significant federal energy tax credits.

Exceeding energy standards. For such a large, open interior, we turned to an engineering expert in energy modeling to calculate the efficiency of our design. By looking at the planned thermal envelope and insulation, lighting fixtures and control systems, and the mechanical design and equipment, we were able to refine the structure's efficiency to over 50% above ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, Air-Conditioning Engineers) standards.

Choosing green materials. The green principles guiding our project extended to the materials we employed. To add more lighting without sacrificing the gains in energy efficiency, we used insulated translucent panels for windows instead of glass. Placed high on the wall, these panels flood the workspace with bright natural light all day without the heat transfer problems of traditional windows.