Baxter Village

Nor-Son Role: Design/Build
Architect: Nor-Son, Inc.
Services Provided: Consulting, Design, Construction

Unique retail spaces with a family resemblance. The challenge for us was to allow the stores the freedom to show off their respective identities, while keeping some consistent architectural and design elements to unite them all in the Baxter Village family. So, although Baxter Village is actually one large building, we created separate roof lines that carve out the storefronts. That makes it feel as if each store is a more distinct entity, and gives them space to incorporate their own brand identity, housed under the Village roof style.

A multi-phased project to pace growth. The first phase of this project was to build a space for anchor restaurant Famous Dave's Barbecue and six store fronts, including the well-known landmark, Morey's Seafood. The second phase was a 21,138 square foot building with 11 new storefronts. In this phase, we had to be sure to build to complement the first building in design, size, and materials, all while preparing for the third phase when the time comes.