Brainerd Savings & Loan

Nor-Son Role: Design/Build
Architect: Nor-Son, Inc.
Services Provided: Design, Interior Deisign, Pre-Construction, Construction

Built to maintain a storied tradition. Our client wanted to expand their main offices in downtown Brainerd. At the same time, it was the stated desire of the board of directors to preserve the classic Georgian colonial style that is their trademark. A previous slogan, "Our roots run deep," is still relevant today.

Ensuring banking as usual. This project presented a more abstract challenge as well. Customers needed to be reassured that their investments were protected during construction. To address their concern, we wanted to limit any barriers to access. Accordingly, our construction allowed customer traffic to remain at a constant level throughout, and bank operations were unaffected by our presence. To further reach out to customers, we also constructed a new drive-through lane while the pre-existing lane stayed operational.

The entire crew worked hard to keep the job site clean, which was greatly appreciated due to the constant flow of customer traffic. In addition, the field superintendent’s ability to work closely with our staff and subcontractors helped to keep the project running smoothly and on schedule.
— John Forrest, President