Riverstone Professional Center

Nor-Son Role: Design/Build
Architect: Nor-Son, Inc.
Services Provided: Site Planning, Design, Construction

Uniting two doctors and a medical spa. On one side, dermatology. On the other, plastic surgery. And in between, a medical spa and retail space. For security and other reasons, each needed its own access and lobby. Uniting them is a welcoming residential feel created by the design and materials.

An upscale medical campus with the comforts of home. A home-like atmosphere goes a long way in reducing patient anxiety. To accomplish this, Nor-Son borrowed many ideas from our experience with residential construction, as well as helping the owners and their spouses add a very personal touch to the space. This also made the space feel more upscale, a point emphasized by the dramatically curving desk in the lobby area and premium alder custom cabinetry topped with Hanston Quartz countertops.