Delivering comfort.

Shouldn't every office building, school and retail store feel just as warm and welcoming as home? We think so. In fact, our award-winning experience in creating distinctive homes is the inspiration behind the warm and welcoming commercial environments we design and build. Because when people feel comfortable, they work better, they learn better, and they live better.

Fostering communication.

To succeed in any business environment, you need to listen aggressively and respond appropriately -- a process that comes from being both an expert listener and a skilled communicator. At Nor-Son, we pride ourselves on having the same ability to assess your needs, and then foster an ongoing exchange of information.

Instilling confidence.

Nor-Son has earned numerous awards of excellence in the commercial building industry. Our superior record for quality control and safety, as well as our industry-leading warranty and maintenance programs, means you can feel confident that every detail and need will be carefully met.