Floodwood School

Nor-Son Role: Construction Manager
Architect: Stanius Johnson Architects
Services Provided: Pre-Construction, Construction

Standing out as a clear choice. The superintendent of Floodwood Schools was faced with a dilemma. His school was running out of room, and he needed a company who could advise his board on the construction of a major addition and remodel. Ideally, this firm would fulfill the duties of construction management while also advocating for the district's best interests. After researching his options, he decided on the company with the best track record: Nor-Son.

Keeping the local community informed. Our pre-construction services included helping the school present the project to their community in a bond referendum. Afterward, we took over all public relations relating to this project for the school district, allowing them to focus on their students during the school year. To keep the lines of communication open, we attended monthly board meetings to showcase progress on the project, as well as going out of our way to provide personalized answers to questions from the town's supportive and involved citizens.

Ensuring the safety of our most precious assets. As construction was underway, students were attending school. With some thoughtful scheduling, we were able to avoid disrupting the classroom work without cancelled classes or temporary classrooms. Other aspects of student life were similarly unaffected. We undertook the necessary safety precautions to allow students access to the playgrounds and athletic fields near the construction site.

The project manager has been excellent providing us with timely, thorough and accurate information. The job site superintendent has the experience, organizational skills, management expertise and the knowledge of the building trades needed for our project. I just cannot say enough about how they have gone the extra mile to provide for the safety of our students.
— Rob. R. Benson, Superintendent