Marvin Training and Visitor's Center

Nor-Son Role: General Contractor
Architect: Miller Dunwiddie Architects
Services Provided: Construction

Nor-Son was the solution to a search for excellence. Marvin relied on us due to our long record of excellence in commercial construction, our ability to work in extreme conditions, and our shared values of quality and craftsmanship.

In honor of the beauty of nature and the importance of the past. Nor-Son build a finely tuned blend of modern architecture with a deeply characterized respect for the Marvin's 102-year history. The building's design incorporates complicated rooflines, curved walls, barrel vaulted ceilings, and numerous skylights. A two-story Chilton limestone fireplace warms slate tile flooring in muted gray tones. Fieldstone from Wisconsin was used as an exterior finish material while cherry wood can be found throughout as walls, windows and doors.

The technical and construction management challenges that came up during the project were met and overcome by Nor-Son very well. Their field personnel and senior project management always kept lines of communication open. Nor-Son can take pride in knowing they and their many subcontractors put this project together from the ground up, and it is magnificent.
— Brian Schaible, P.E., Marvin Building Team Chair