Morey's Seafood Markets

Nor-Son Role: Design/Build
Architect: Nor-Son, Inc.
Services Provided: Design, City & Building Planning, Construction

A special space for a special family business. When Morey's Seafood Markets needed a new home for its family owned business, they trusted Nor-Son. With a family as passionate, colorful and generous as the crew behind Morey's, Nor-Son wanted to create a special space that not only showed off its exquisite fare but the heart and life of the owners.

Saving traditions one giant fish at a time. When Nor-Son got news that Morey's giant fish sign from its previous location might have to be left behind, they took action. The iconic Morey's Seafood walleye pike sign did not meet the city's strict signage requirements. Nor-Son worked with the city to save the tourist attraction and Brainerd Lakes Area landmark.