Plums Restaurant, Grand Casino Mille Lacs

Nor-Son Role: General Contractor
Architect: Hagemeister & Mack Architecture
Services Provided: Construction

Ninety days to finish with minimal disruption. Constant coordination with the casino ensured that our work had little impact on their patrons. Slot machines were moved during off-peak hours, and our construction schedule was arranged to go around the clock. We succeeded in building this 6,300 square foot complete restaurant and kitchen four days ahead of schedule.

Applying our experience in healthcare construction. Fortunately, Nor-Son's extensive experience in building and renovating working hospitals prepared us for this challenge. We used the same techniques to keep dust, fumes, noise and debris away from the patrons, building a temporary partition around the project zone, using HEPA filters to maintain air quality and cleaning up the site daily to keep the casino as pristine as usual.