Historic Charm

Nor-Son Role: Builder
Architect: Albertsson Hansen Architecture
Recognition: 2003 National Association of Remodeling CoTY Award

Rich in history and radiating charm. This log cabin was originally built in the 1930's and needed to be renovated to modern day standards without compromising the character of the logs charm. The clients wanted to enhance the flow through the home, and this was accomplished by swapping the kitchen and master bedroom spaces and creating a bathroom in the place of the breakfast nook.

Let there be light...and plumbing! Since it was originally built without electricity or plumbing, the utilities were simply surface mounted when they were first installed years ago. The electric was completely replaced and brought up to current code, and the wiring was all hidden in decorative baseboard. A bathroom was added to the second level, which required logs to be hollowed in walls and door frames to conceal plumbing chases to the crawl space. The windows and doors were restored with mitered log frames to retain the authentic character.