Tailored Retreat

Nor-Son Role: Architect & Builder
Architect: Nor-Son, Inc.

View of the lake from every room. Situated at the end of a peninsula, the design premise for this beautiful timber-style home was to see the water from every room while maintaining an intimate, low profile lakeside appearance. Fulfilling the owners' request, each room captures breathtaking views of the lake, and despite the size of the home, each room feels warm and welcoming.

Invaluable family time with not a moment to lose. Summers are a precious commodity; the owners wanted to avoid losing cherished family time enjoying the lake due to construction. Construction began in the fall while final design documents were developed to reduce the time frame. Flawless communication and coordination kept the fast-track project moving, and the owners were able to move into their home by mid-June to spend the summer months with their family.

It was extremely important to our family that we not lose our precious Minnesota summer months at the lake. Nor-Son is to be commended for their dedication and attention to detail from beginning to end.
— Homeowners