Perham Health, Sanford

Nor-Son Role: Construction Manager
Architect: Baker Hogan Houx
Services Provided: Pre-Construction, Construction Management

Integrated approach keeps the project on schedule. As Construction Manager, Nor-Son developed a collaborative scheduling process which involved sixty-plus trade contractors and material suppliers, design professionals, hospital Steering Committee and staff. All played a critical role in decision making and/or getting the work done when it counted most.

Controlling project costs in the midst of a harsh economic downturn. Our ability to manage the project cost was a point of pride for us on this project. Nor-Son's value engineering philosophy mandated a careful dynamic of controlling costs in each area to maximize the overall value to deliver a project on budget. Timely adjustment of construction sequencing, yet maintaining the level of quality in each work area, provided the rural community of Perham, MN an exceptional environment for the owner, staff and community as they envisioned.

I am so grateful to Nor-Son and the dedicated crew that worked diligently to develop the new Perham Health.
— Chuck Hofius, CEO, Perham Health