Nor-Son Role: General Contractor
Architect: Reprise Design, Inc.
Services Provided: Construction

Sought out by a Fortune 500 company. What happens when a large corporation wants to upgrade its facilities to service a new product campaign? It calls upon Nor-Son. McDonald's wanted to leverage our craftsmanship, timeline expertise and value for a major new line of coffee drinks. 

Our reputation preceded us. From start to finish, Nor-Son was the contractor of choice. Thanks to previous projects with McDonald's, we were already high on the list of potential partners. But our professionalism, quality, attention to detail and contracting procedures helped win the day. The construction manager for McDonald's Corporation chose Nor-Son to serve as the general contractor of new coffee bar installation at McDonald's restaurants across the Midwest.

Helping McDonald's to expand their offering. Franchisees were worried about the possible business disruptions that might come from adding coffee bars into their restaurants. We resolved this issue with innovative scheduling, courteous communications and staying on schedule. Nor-Son's construction enabled new revenue streams for McDonald's while preserving the easily identifiable look and feel of the brand.

As usual, everything is going very smooth when you have Nor-Son running the project.
— Mike O'Keefe, McDonald's, East Grand Forks