Chase on the Lake Historic Hotel

Nor-Son Role: Construction Manager
Architect: DLR Group
Services Provided: Pre-Construction, Construction

Rejuvenating an abandoned getaway. The fire and subsequent decay had left the ignored structure in bad shape. But the client wanted to rescue the historic structure and tie it into a new addition and conference center to open July 4th in anticipation of summer crowds. Nor-Son basically had to rebuild it while it was still in place, shoring it up, straightening it and reinforcing it from the inside.

A restrictive site required creative techniques. This site, by a lake, in town, and on a hill, did not allow for much room. Nor-Son utilized off-site storage, staged materials and delivery, installed fences and barricades for public safety and even managed and redirected traffic to bring in the semis through the town's streets safely. To protect the lake and prevent soil erosion, Nor-Son obtained DNR permits to install silt fencing and rip-wrap.