Perham Memorial Hospital & Home

Nor-Son Role: General Contractor
Architect: Baker Hogan Houx
Services Provided: Construction
Recognition: State Award of Excellence Eagle Award, Associated Builders and Contractors; National Excellence in Construction Eagle Award, Associated Builders and Contractors

Build a welcoming space that feels like home. Perham Memorial Hospital & Home provides all of the comforts of home to its residents in this nationally recognized, 78,000 square-foot facility.

Safety is our top concern. Our ability to manage infection control was a point of pride for us on this project. The safety of the residents, staff and our teams during construction was one of our primary concerns, and Nor-Son took it as a personal challenge to help everyone stay informed and safe.

Nor-Son did a great job of phasing the project so we never had to decrease our occupancy. They also did an amazing job of keeping the disruption for residents and staff to a minimum. I have completed around ten construction projects during my career and because of Nor-Son’s attention to detail, I spent less time on this project than any of the others.
— Chuck Hofius, CEO/Administrator, Perham Memorial Hospital & Home