Sustainable design and stewardship.

Nor-Son strives to ensure every structure it creates is worthy of the land it inhabits. In accordance with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), Nor-Son architects, project managers and field personnel give the utmost care in taking a project from the conceptual to the physical to the sustainable. Nor-Son employs Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited professionals and is continually striving to acquire green knowledge, expertise and credentials.

Intelligently designed to maximize energy efficiency.

From eliminating tree loss during construction to reducing storm water runoff, Nor-Son team members strive to achieve both ecological and visual harmony between our clients' structures and their surrounding natural and built environment. Nor-Son environments are intelligently designed, materials are diligently sourced, and structures carefully constructed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize the life cycle cost of the client's building as well as the impact to the environment.

Holistic approach to the life cycle for your building.

When creating a building, Nor-Son considers the complete building life cycle- site placement, design, construction, operation, sustainability and removal. Nor-Son is committed to increasing the efficiency with which its clients' buildings use energy, water and materials.